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Gwathmey-Designed Apartment Now Nearly 45 Percent Off

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We hate to put our usual bloody axe over this apartment at 240 Centre Street, but we can't avoid the ugly truth: the place did get PriceChopped this week, from $19.95 million to $16.75 million, a 16 percent cut. Of course, that's nothing to the long-term choppage this place has seen. It first came on the market asking $30 million in May 2008, bringing it dangerously close to PriceChopper Hall of Fame territory here. The increasingly desperate seller is ex-Bear Stearns COO Alvin Einbender. C'mon, are there really no takers for the "vision and genius of the world renowned and acclaimed architect," the late Charles Gwathmey? It's (per the brokerbabble) the only apartment he ever designed, which makes us feel justified in rerunning the floorplan porn.

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240 Centre St

240 Centre Street, Manhattan, NY 10012