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Here's Your Memorial Day Grill & Firepit Pad (w/2BR Duplex)

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[Photos by Will Femia]

Just in time for that Memorial Day barbecue, here's an Alphabet City stunner that we dropped by last week. This is one of the ground-floor duplex units in the Tompkins East condos at 631 East 9th Street (between Aves. B and C), but with a bespoke twist: the owner has just finished a nearly two-year project to transform the back outdoor space into a dazzling grill-chill pad featuring verdant green walls, a sauna, a firepit (natch), and a dining table under a vine-entwisted pergola. Monthly asking price: $9,000.
· Listing: 631 East 9th Street [Corcoran]

Tompkins East

631 East 9th Street, New York, NY