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Day-O Going Away-O?; Coney's Luna Park Getting Closer

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GREENWICH VILLAGE?On the LPC's busy docket tomorrow: An application to replace the storefront of Greenwich Avenue's long-shuttered Day-O restaurant. The Historic Districts Council ain't happy: "HDC is strongly opposed to the removal of this high-quality, Art Moderne storefront that has changed little since its appearance in the 1930’s tax photo. Had the designation report for the Greenwich Village Historic District been written today and not over 40 years ago, the storefront would no doubt be called out as an historic alteration, one that very thoughtfully took into consideration the building’s proportions and curved corner." No word on what might replace Day-O. [CurbedWire Inbox]

CONEY ISLAND?Astroland replacement Luna Park is opening for the season on May 29, and the marketing of the amusement park is kicking into high gear, including a new website and a press conference today in which Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz outed himself as a, yep, LUNAtic. We're both amused and terrified by the Luna Park virtual tour video. We've got sensitive tummies! [Luna Park; YouTube]