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Battle of the Upper West Side's New Luxury Rental Buildings

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To those who think paying $8,000 per month for a two-bedroom apartment at flashy new Upper West Side rental building The Corner is a bit on the crazy side, we ask this: How about $6,000? That's the entry-level rate for a two-bedroom at equally new neighborhood rental Aire at 200 West 67th Street, the Lincoln Centerish tower with blood on its hands formerly known as 150 Amsterdam Avenue. Over the weekend the Times pit the two new ultra-luxury rentals against each other, while adding that the neighborhood is probably big enough for the both of them, no matter how much they charge. We already know about all the fabulous things that make The Corner stand out, and here's a look at some of what the Aire is offering:

Apartments at the Aire, which range in size from 415-square-foot studios to 2,000-square-foot three-bedrooms, have the look of a boutique hotel, including pedestal sinks, mahogany floors and stainless-steel refrigerators. The Aire's common areas evoke an expensive resort. The centerpiece of a cavernous 6,000-square-foot lobby — with floors made of stone and walls lined with tamo, a Japanese wood — will be a 42-foot-long nature-themed mural.

"The idea is to give you the feel of condo life," said Steven Shokouhi, a principal at Kalimian, on a recent tour of the building, as he gestured to a boxcar-sized mailroom where residents can address their envelopes and packages on a long black granite table.

The Corner may have a "decompression bridge" and a rooftop misting wall, but in terms of comfort while sending out Christmas cards, it's Aire 1, Corner 0.
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