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Buyers Want Gently Used Buildings, Please; Libeskind on WTC

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1) With stalled projects and financing troubles all over the place, new new developments aren't as hot as they were during the boom. So where are all those buyers putting their pennies instead? Almost-new developments, like 505 Greenwich Street and 40 Mercer. They've already been through their growing pains, as at 40 Mercer, where residents couldn't access the spa for a while because the pool needed to be rebuilt. ['Older Condos Better Than New']

2) One half of this week's Vermont-based hunting couple really wanted a pied-a-terre under $200,000 in Manhattan. And it wasn't the half who spent most of the apartment search waiting in the car! Once the wife finally dragged the husband into some buildings, he settled on a $172,500 Washington Heights co-op because the courtyard reminded him of "Sweeney Todd." [The Hunt/'A Pied-a-Terre for a Vermont Couple']

3) There have been rumblings that starchitect Daniel Libeskind is mad about being shut out of the final World Trade Center designs. But if he is, he's keeping a lid on it in his interview with the Times: "I appreciate that there are different forces and my role is to bring consensus, and that doesn't mean I get everything I want." Or anything. [The 30-Minute Interview/'Daniel Libeskind']
4) The Upper East Side apartment that belonged to Lynn Pressman Raymond, once the CEO of the Pressman Toy Corporation and the mother of a film producer who worked on Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, sold in April for $2.35 million. Raymond had a walk-on role in the first Wall Street movie. But if her apartment auditioned this time around, it clearly didn't stand up to the competition. [Big Deal/Toy Executive's Apartment Sells]

505 Greenwich Street

505 Greenwich Street, New York, NY