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UWS Townhouse Owner Directed to Take a Floor Off the Top

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How can a building owner get an addition past the Landmarks Preservation Commission? Easy: just don't tell them! That's what happened at 12-13 West 68th Street, where the owners added a sixth floor to the townhouse after receiving approval from the Department of Buildings but not the LPC. The LPC only caught the addition, the Journal reports, when a neighbor complained it was blocking his light and local groups started calling it ugly. And a scorned LPC shows no mercy?for the first time experts can remember, the townhouse's owner is being forced to remove the new floor. The owner paid $10.6 million for the house last year, with a promise from the sellers that he would get $500,000 back if the LPC didn't approve the addition. Check's in the mail!
· City: Take Off Top Floor of Townhouse [WSJ]