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Architect Wins Restaurant Award; Day-O Spared (for Now!)

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UPPER EAST SIDE?If you followed Eater National's live blog of the foodie James Beard Awards, you know that NYC-based architect Andre Kikoski took home the prize for best restaurant design for The Wright, the new spot in the Guggenheim Museum. If you didn't follow Eater National's live blog, well, that's what this CurbedWire item is for. Kikoski also designed Long Island City's Z Hotel and that crazy wine store/market/performance space in Bushwick that the NYT went gaga over. [Eater National]

GREENWICH VILLAGE?So what happened with the controversial Day-O storefront proposal? The Landmarks Preservation Commission didn't vote on the Day-O alteration, but the majority felt that the storefront could be replaced. They sent the building owner back to the drawing board to make improvements. [CurbedWire Staff]