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A Decade Later, UWS Condo Project Finally Approved

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In a case that makes the approvals process for most new condo buildings seem laughably easy, a proposed Upper West Side project got the thumbs up from the Board of Standards and Appeals in April after 11 years. The Real Deal's Adam Pincus narrates the full story, which began in 1999 when the city sold 330 West 86th Street to its residents for $340,000. The new owners promised to rehab the building, but instead they turned around and sold it to Darkhorse Development in 2001. Should we blame what happened next on karma?

The developer's plan, a narrow 17-story tower (right), provoked a lawsuit from one of the neighboring 15-story co-ops. The court's first ruling, that whatever went up on the West 86th Street lot could contain only four units, didn't fly with the developer. Many objections and appeals later, Darkhorse has come out the other side with approval for the old 17-story plan and the conviction that there's a market for the slivery building. Anyone want to tell him it's not 1999?
· UWS sliver building wins 10-year battle over city, but is the fight over? [Real Deal]