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Kings of Park Slope Finally Free From Soho Shackles

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Back in November 2008, an anonymous Google engineer picked up Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany's townhouse at 17 Prospect Park West for $8.45 million. Why the Park Slope move? His family's previous digs in Soho were "not exactly family friendly." Or buyer friendly, it appears?while his family settled on Prospect Park West, the 56 Crosby Street apartment belonging to computer whiz Peter Mattis spent 430 days on the market (with a brief delisting in 2009) before finally finding a buyer. The 2BR, 2BA apartment was first listed in October of '08 for $5.6 million, and the deal just closed for $4.4 million to one Teddy Kang. Hopefully the Mattis clan is celebrating by finishing up that kitchen renovation.
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17 Prospect Park West

17 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY 11215