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'Burg Renters Tired of Sharing Their Building With Hotel Toshi

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Last time Hotel Toshi crossed our radar screen, the tenants and hotel guests were being given mysteriously different instructions for city inspection day. Unsurprisingly, the story didn't end there! Today The Brooklyn Paper reports some of the regular renters at Hotel Toshi host 808 Driggs Avenue are breaking their leases early because they're so fed up with Toshi's antics. Such as: keeping the building's side door open, moving tenants' mail, and renting out rooms for all-night parties. Despite a litany of DOB complaints, the Brooklyn Paper says Hotel Toshi is legal because a majority of the building's units are occupied by long-term renters. But 808 Driggs owner Shlomo Karpen allegedly told one tenant he's making more money off the hotel than from renters, and unhappy tenants should feel free to pack their bags. Check out's at 11!
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