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Who Wants NYU? Apparently, Everyone in Lower Manhattan

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While Greenwich Villagers were calmly waving anti-expansion placards outside the NYU 2031 open house, Financial District leaders offered NYU an alternative expansion idea they think might satisfy everybody: Bringing NYU to the World Trade Center. And it wasn't just a momentary bee in Lower Manhattan's bonnet. The Villager reports that Community Board 1 boss Julie Menin has been meeting with NYU VPs to practically beg for the 40-story tower that NYU currently has slated for its Silver Towers complex near Washington Square Park. Most unsurprising soundbite: "I've been in constant contact with Andrew Berman. He’s obviously extremely supportive."

Menin says the Deutsche Bank Building site or one of FiDi's stalled projects would be perfect for the tower meant to house visiting NYU dignitaries from around the world, with the bonus for locals being one less empty pit and/or office building down at the WTC. NYU isn't totally buying it. One university official tells the Villager "we are open to a discussion about the Financial District. But it would not replace the proposals for building on our property, something we can do incrementally and consistent with near- and long-term university needs." But hey, who says it isn't possible to build incrementally at the WTC?
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