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Coming Soon to Union Square Park: Elephants and Camels?

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To the probable relief of their neighbors (and our unending disappointment), New York City's Jews don't usually celebrate the harvest holiday of Sukkot by trying to build sukkahs, or temporary shelters, on their terraces. But journalist Joshua Foer is getting fed up with the lack of Sukkot observance in this town. Foer's chosen weapon against apathy: architecture!

Enter Sukkah City, a sukkah design competition that will result in a dozen "experimental" sukkahs going up in Union Square Park in late September. A star-studded panel of judges, including Thom Mayne and critic Paul Goldberger, will evaluate the entries, Archpaper reports. (Was God already booked?) The rules for sukkahs are pretty basic: at least two-and-a-half walls, a roof made of organic stuff, and space for a table. Doesn't sound like there's much room for experimentation? Check out the biblical fine print, which says it's totally okay to make sukkah walls out of whales or living elephants. Or on the backs of camels. Which all sounds like just another day in Union Square Park.
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