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Shepard Fairey Doubles Down on the Bowery, for Now

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Despite protestations from maxi-muralist Shepard Fairey that his big wall work on the Bowery at Houston Street is art and not some dreaded advertecture, the gang at DOB thinks otherwise and has tagged his work with a Stop Work Order. But, lest the bureaucrats be accused of defacing Shep's piece, they were good enough to slap the notice on the side of the questionable wall rather than atop one of Fairey's fierce figures. In response, an unknown tagger has offered a bit of absolution to all parties, pasting a discrete note of forgiveness below the official order.

Fairey, never one to be outdone, has pasted a companion piece a few blocks north on the Bowery at the Cooper Square Hotel. In keeping with the sunny season, the Coop displays an inscrutable robed figure shaded by a fan of palm, standing guard over the Bowery amidst a sea of red and gold. Even the nearby construction container parked on East 5th got some Fairey magic.
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80 East Houston Street, New York, NY