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Actual Trump Soho Sales Numbers Way Lower Than Cryptically Hinted

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One of the most enduring New York real estate mysteries of recent months has been the state of sales at Trump Soho, the recently-opened condo-hotel where condo buyers can occupy their units for 120 days per year. A few hazy numbers have been thrown around: 55 percent, for the amount of phase one that's been sold, and one-third, for the amount of the total 391-unit building in contract. So, uh, that's how many units? Happily, The Real Deal got ahold of some Trump Soho documents filed with the state attorney general's office before we had to call in a psychic to sort it all out. Give us some numbers, for the love of The Donald!

Sixty-two units have sold, or less than 16 percent of the condos, according to a developer's affidavit. A broker maintained to The Real Deal that more than half the units went into contract during the first phase, but Trump Soho spokespeople's lips were sealed. If the numbers hinted at earlier were an exaggeration, does this mean the angry neighbors haven't had a change of heart, either?
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Trump Soho

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