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How to Sell a Tribeca Penthouse: $10 Million Discount!

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One year ago, the two glass-wrapped floors atop Tribeca's One York got quite the price hike: from $25 million up to an asking price of $34 million. Now, we love 6,000-square-foot megapenthouses with massive terraces as much as the next blog, but lordy, the whole thing seemed a bit crazy, especially since the penthouse might not even be the nicest apartment in the building. Building reps racked up major frequent flyer miles trying to sell the place, and the blood, sweat and General Tso's have all led up to this: One York's penthouse has finally sold! For, er, $23,689,586. Sure, that's over $10 million off the $34 million asking price, but it's pretty darn close to the old one. Success...ish!

An asking price is merely a suggestion, so we're sure the developers of the Enrique Norten-designed building are feeling pretty pumped to finally unload this place for north of $20 million. The buyer is cloaked in secrecy behind the name Raesky LLC, so sadly we don't know if the China trip paid off in the end. Anonymous buyer dude: Call us! We've seen the fresh photos and renderings in the most current listing (some are in the gallery above), and we wouldn't mind giving that tub a test drive. Here's the floorplan:

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One York

1 York Street, New York, NY 10013