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Toren Residents Inspire Toren Drinking Game; Play Along!

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Back when Downtown Brooklyn's most talked about new tower first launched sales, real live Brooklynites were recruited to pitch its luxury condos. Now Toren is finished, and while recent price cuts will certainly grab buyers' attention, the building is going back to its bag of tricks to generate some marketing buzz. But this time around the authentic Brooklynites entrusted to spread the Toren gospel should be extra motivated, because they're actual Toren buyers. The My Life at Toren website features self-recorded video testimonials from residents about why they love their building and neighborhood so much. People will do strange things for a free Flip camera nowadays, won't they?

Writes the Curbed reader who alerted us to the site:

You will surely get a kick out of the video "Inside Val's Apt." There should be a drinking game...take a sip every time she says "I love..." And that whole bit about the Are these actually residents? Can Toren get sued if they are actors?
C'mon, can't all the warm and fuzzy Myrtle Ave. feelings be authentic? Not even Meryl Streep can drum up that amount of enthusiasm for bathrooms sinks if she doesn't have a stake in the place.
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150 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201


150 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY