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Port Authority Wants to Tear Down I.M. Pei's JFK Terminal

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Blow up LaGuardia, but save JFK. That seems to be the mantra these days, as aviation and architecture fans rally for a last-minute reprieve of John F. Kennedy International Airport's Terminal 6, designed by I.M. Pei and opened to much acclaim in 1970. The Port Authority has announced it will demolish the 66,000-square-foot "Sundrome" next year to make way for something that probably won't have groundbreaking architectural flourishes or a cool name like the Sundrome. The building was most recently used by JetBlue before the airline moved to its fancy new Terminal 5, right by Eero Saarinen's old Terminal 5. That one's officially a city landmark, so this controversy begs the question of how many old unused airline terminals the Port Authority can possibly keep around. At least two, preservationists hope.
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