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Spaced Out in Battery Park; Coney Island Rendering War

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LOWER MANHATTAN?Notice anything weird in Battery Park lately? (Other than Zelda, of course.) A bunch of geeks, NASA and their friends at the World Science Festival, have set up a life-size model of the most powerful telescope ever built. The real one is the James Webb Space Telescope, the follow-up to the Hubble spacecraft and set for launch in 2014. The model was built for a fraction of the real thing's $1.5 billion budget, and will be on view at the Center Lawn in Battery Park through the weekend. [CurbedWire Staff]

CONEY ISLAND?When developer Thor Equities released some underwhelming renderings of what it planned to replace some historic Coney Island buildings with, preservation group Save Coney Island saw it as a good chance to show people what the buildings could look like fully restored and given new life. So the group released its own renderings today of two Surf Avenue buildings soon to be demolished, the Grashorn Building (built around 1889) and Henderson's Music Hall (built in 1899). Check 'em out:

Above is the Grashorn, and here's what a rockin' Henderson could look like:

Of course the final decision comes down to the buildings' owner, and considering Thor CEO Joe Sitt recently told NY1, "Every one of these buildings is just horrible, rundown relics with nothing exciting about them," er, let's just say it's not looking good. [CurbedWire Inbox]