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Disappearing Apartments at On Prospect Park; Hunting in DoBro

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1) The Times checks in once again with Brooklyn bird killer On Prospect Park. The state of things? Apartments are vanishing! The developer has reworked some floorplans so there are now only 96 units, instead of 114. Forty-two of the apartments are still on the market, at prices about 28 percent lower per square foot than in 2008. [Posting/'Larger Units for a Richard Meier Condo']

2) The residents of 1056 Fifth Avenue are getting all worked up about pets after a 15-year-old building resident wrote up a suggested policy allowing one 25-pound (or smaller) dog per apartment. (The co-op currently bans pets.) After a petition criticizing the policy-writer for a typo and a round of complaints about dog allergies, the board voted down the policy change. Too bad, because a building like this could produce some epic pet memos. ['Dogfight on posh Fifth Ave.'/NYP]

3) This week's Army veteran hunter found that his financing?a housing allowance of $2,751/month from the G.I. Bill?got him turned away from a few buildings. He had better luck at the Brooklyner, where he was approved for a 1BR for $2,290/month. With incentives, it works out to $1,938/month, but concessions are now lower at the building, which is one-third rented. [The Hunt/'A Veteran Goes House-Hunting on the G.I. Bill']
4) There are a few stats on sales at Carroll Gardens' Third & Bond in this piece on the success of the developers' blog. The building, where sales started in early spring, is now 20 percent sold, with prices around $720/square foot, or $311,500-$1.381 million. ['Brooklyn Developer Builds Following on Blog']

Richard Meier On Prospect Park

1 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11238