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As the Warehouse Turns...

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According to a StreetEasy message board thread, the latest controversy regarding Williamsburg's favorite fire sale Warehouse 11 is $1.5 million in unpaid mechanics liens filed against the building. One disgruntled buyer (who ended up rescinding the contract, or so he/she writes) also brings up the liens in a Real Deal thread. PropertyShark has a list of the liens, including whoppers like $431,750 owed to Empire Pile Inc., and $195,000 to P&P Electrical. [StreetEasy; previously]
UPDATE: Here's a statement on the liens issue: "Payment of the outstanding liens, the majority of which have already been cleared, are the sole responsibility of the sponsor. Buyers at Warehouse 11 are not liable for these liens and will not encounter any trouble closing on their new homes as a result of the remaining liens. Five buyers have closed at the building with additional closings anticipated. As outlined in the fourth amendment of the offering plan, the anticipated proceeds from closings at Warehouse 11 will be more than sufficient in satisfying the sponsor’s obligations to the bank."