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15th Street Hotel Switches to Condos; Neighbors Still Pissed

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When plans for a towering new hotel next to the Chelsea Lane became known in 2008, residents of the West 16th Street co-op mobilized in a hurry to stop it. But there was a problem. The project already looked like a go, though that didn't stop the neighbors from fighting back in court. Now the plans for 31-35 West 15th Street (currently an old union hall; right) have changed, and the Chelsea Lane folks are jumping into the fray early.

There's an e-mail going around alerting neighbors to a Community Board 5 meeting tonight where one topic of discussion will be the new proposal for the site. Apparently developer Alchemy Properties has taken over, and is planning a "28-30 story structure" with room for the nearby Xavier High School (which sold air rights) and luxury condos on top. The e-mail says the project is as of right, but might still be challenged on environmental impact issues. We reached out to Alchemy to find out more info, but were told it's too early in the planning stages to release details. We have a feeling the neighbors will be much more vocal.
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31 West 15th Street

31 West 15th Street, New York, NY