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Gehry's Beekman Tower to Hit the Market in Early 2011

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Is Frank Gehry's Beekman Tower the most eagerly anticipated NYC rental building of all time? It's certainly the flashiest, and with the rippling skyscraper now hogging the Lower Manhattan skyline (without the aid of medical science!), we're wondering when these 900 slices of starchitecture will hit the market. A Curbed tipster writes we're one winter away:

Forest City Ratner has selected Citi Habitats to lease, Nancy Packes as marketing consultant and co-op as the advertising agency for Beekman Tower. Kick off meeting on Monday and leasing to commence early spring 2011.According to a Forest City Ratner rep, leasing will begin in the first quarter of 2011, but that's all the developer will confirm. Will the apartments be snapped up quickly? We haven't heard much about prices or amenities, but Ratner can always throw in Nets season tickets with every signed lease, though that might actually discourage most people.
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Photo via Flickr/Roccocell