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Cost of a Private Tribeca Suburb: Around $24 Million

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Tribeca's new suburbanites have been outed by the Post's Jennifer Gould Keil. The buyers of the massive mansion at 2 N Moore Street?a hybrid of the old NoMoore Bar and a new six-story building dubbed "Our Suburb" by the family that built it?are Mark and Noelle Zittman. Nice couple, so what'd they pay? Nearly $24 million, according to Keil, which falls short of the downtown townhouse record but is still a nice chunk of change for the pool, three-car garage and other trappings of quiet country life. The 11,300sqft spread went into contract in February and was originally listed for $35 million. Fair deal for the burbs?
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2 North Moore Street

2 North Moore Street, New York, NY 10013