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Curbed Seeks Editor for Forthcoming 'Curbed National' Web-Site

This summer, the Curbed Network plans to launch a national edition of this very website. Building on the existing Curbed regional sites in New York, the Hamptons, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, the new site—Curbed National—will extend Curbed's fascination with real estate (and more specifically, real estate porn) across the country, from celebrity ski chalets in Aspen to beachside shacks on Cape Cod. Curbed National will chronicle the highs and lows of design media, from jaw-dropping Arch Digest features to the newest absurd decorating-centric reality shows, giving near-equal attention to the sublime and the hideous. This will be fun.

As such, Curbed is looking to hire an editor for Curbed National. This is a full-time position, based in Manhattan, with competitive salary and benefits. We're looking for an editor with a strong interest in shelter journalism—and, too, one with a sharp, original voice that can make people laugh through the pain. Ideally, you've blogged before, and know your way around the web's design district, because the core of the job will be daily blogging. But management experience is useful, too, as you're likely to end up overseeing a team of crazed writers as the site grows. Interested? Drop us a line with a couple paragraphs about yourself and why the job's of interest. Include links to blogs you've authored or other articles available on the web; no attachments, please. Sent it all along to If we like what we see, we'll get back to you quickly. Thanks.