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Apartment Sellers: When in Doubt, Naked Kate Moss

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We've seen some interesting art visible in listing photos, but usually the stuff is fairly PG. Not at 260 Park Avenue South, where a $1.225 million listing welcomes all online homeshoppers to check out a large photo of a naked Kate Moss smoking a cigar that's hanging next to a toilet (poor Kate!). Corcoran's site allows for full-screen photos, so this is some saucy stuff. Naughty bits are blurred out, but broker Jared Schwadron tells us the print of a David LaChapelle photo is the full monty in person. He also says a buyer has put in an offer that includes the photo. A buyer with a very understanding wife, apparenrty.
· Listing: 260 Park Ave South - Apt: 8F [Corcoran]