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Superior Ink Townhouses Now 13-25 Percent Less Superior

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Though Marc Jacobs snapped up one of the neo-Georgian townhouses at Robert A.M. Stern's Superior Ink, other buyers haven't been so quick to make the leap. A second townhouse closed just last week, for $8,473,723. Perhaps the buyers followed Jacobs' lead and picked the space up raw, but the price is still much lower than the other listed townhouses. And maybe that was the wake-up call Bethune Street needed, because two of Superior Ink's other townhouses just spent some quality time with the Chopper. 64 Bethune is now $11.5 million, 13 percent off its first ask of $13.25 million. 66 Bethune is now $12.95 million, 25 percent off its original $17.25 million price. Still too much? There's always the pre-owned option.
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