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In Proud Nolita Tradition, Renters Rebel Against Hotel Toshi

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Illegal hotel concerns have been brewing in Nolita for a few months, but now the mumblings of discontent have reached a whole new level: angry signage, forceful press releases, and the withholding of rents by tenants who've been sharing their building with guests of the Hotel Toshi short-term apartment rental network. That building would be 280 Mulberry Street, where a press release from residents says they're now putting their rent in escrow. Toshi guests have been "overcrowding the units and destroying property while harassing tenants," and those tenants say they're getting no help from landlord 55 Delancey Realty:

55 Delancey Realty representatives initially denied any knowledge of Hotel Toshi’s occupancy, but later admitted to creating a separate, more lucrative lease agreement with Hotel Toshi for several units in the building. Future plans were made to provide Hotel Toshi with more units in the building as current tenants are being forced out due to Hotel Toshi-related safety concerns or highly increased rents.
But the tenants, who paint themselves as part of a proud tradition of "uniting against unwanted businesses," won't be forced out! Is the flyer mightier than the, er, "sex party promoter" Toshi?

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