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Buy Mae West's Old Upper West Side Mansion for $30 Million

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We might quibble with the use of "celebrity mansion" in this listing, but nonetheless, 266 West End Avenue did once belong to actress Mae West. It hit the market today asking $30 million. For that price, the listing photos don't show much, perhaps because the place is in the middle of a total overhaul. Eventually, per the brokerbabble, it'll have a ball room, library, conservatories, sauna, steam room, elevator, and radiant heating. The makeover probably explains the markup: the current owner, documentary filmmaker and plastic surgeon Todd Wider, paid only $1.2 million for the 14,000-square-foot house in 2004. It looks like he had the inside track on that deal, since the seller's estate was represented by attorney Jedd Wider.
· Listing: West Side Celebrity Mansion [Sotheby's]
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266 West End Avenue

266 West End Avenue