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Luxury Renter Asks: Where Are My Free Espresso Pods?

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Every sleek new luxury rental tower that opened during the real estate boom tried passionately to out-amenity whatever came before it, and one of the most popular perks offered to tenants was a daily complimentary breakfast spread in some sort of common lobby or lounge. But are standards slipping as time goes by? A resident of one mystery building (paying $5,600/month for a two-bedroom) tells BrickUnderground that's precisely the case:

There was a buffet of fruit, yogurts, a couple of different coffee stations with pods of coffee, a Nespresso machine, cereals, croissants, pitchers of juices, soy milk, skim milk, whole milk, bowls of creamers. Two or three different attendants would refill everything and it was always replenished.

But lately, things have been different.

First the toaster broke. That took about a week to fix. Then the Nespresso machine would disappear and reappear over the course of a couple of months, or they would run out of espresso pods, and finally it went away for good. Only one attendant was left.

Then I went up last week and there was no milk for my coffee and no cream. There was cranberry juice, a few croissants, coffee, tea. That’s it.

Don't the building managers know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day!? Yeesh. One reason for the famine could be that the building is now full, but the resident goes on to describe other service cutbacks, like a rooftop fireplace that no longer gets lit. Please help us in identifying this third-world hellhole, lest the suffering continue.
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