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Mural Promises to Give Hell's Kitchen What it Needs: Trees

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Even before condo development Griffin Court arrived at 800 Tenth Avenue, developer Alchemy Properties was thinking about how to decorate the place. Their answer to this question? Giant murals on two of the complex's exterior walls, with the artist chosen in a contest. And now, a few months after Griffin Court's sales began, Alchemy has found its winner: Brooklyn artist Corinne Ulmann, whose design "depicts a pattern of trees using variations of light and shadow intended to evoke the building's 8,700-square-foot private courtyard and the nearby DeWitt Clinton Park." Painting starts this week and will take about 10 days. Will anyone look away from their new iPads and flat screens long enough to catch a glimpse of this thing going up?
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Griffin Court Condominium

800 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY