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BQE May be Coming for Houses in Brooklyn Heights

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The next addresses on eminent domain's victim list may be some historic homes in Brooklyn Heights, which could be subject to takeover and demolition as part of the reconstruction of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, the Brooklyn Paper reports. The BQE's triple cantilever under the Brooklyn Heights Promenade?built there in the first place after local activists refused to support Robert Moses's plan for a highway right in the middle of the neighborhood?needs a $300 million fix. There are a few ways those updates could play out, and one would involve demolishing homes near Willow and Maddagh streets. So now everybody's all worked up! But transportation officials working on an environmental impact statement said the use of eminent domain is unlikely. In any case, Robert Moses' ghost probably hasn't been this amused in the last 29 years.
· Highway robbery! State is mulling taking Heights homes for BQE repair [BK Paper]