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Criminals Also Fans of Frank Gehry's Beekman Tower

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There's panic on the streets of FiDi, caused by that greatest of urban menaces: landscaping. You see, Frank Gehry's wavy 76-story Beekman Tower won't only have rental apartments, a school and hospital offices when it makes its debut in 2011. It will also have two street-level plazas, with beautiful bushes and trees..."and other places where a criminal might hide while waiting to assault somebody who walked by," according to a concerned Community Board 1 member. And so the committee passed a resolution urging developer Forest City Ratner to staff the plazas with full-time security, after, the Broadsheet Daily reports, FCR reps "weren't very forthcoming" about their security plans. Suspicious! Maybe they plan on mugging tenants to make up for a soft rental market.
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