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Does the Nolitan Hotel Have a Split Personality?

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The Nolitan, the unneighborly new hotel that has risen along the Chitaly fault line, is rumored to be opening in August and has now almost fully revealed its face. Or perhaps we should say faces, since this creation from the Grzywinski + Pons team has something of a split personality. The east half, first seen in full last April, is a deconstructed mix of glass and clapboard cladding (with a stack of exposed concrete floor plates thrown into the mix). Now the construction netting is coming down from the west half, and it's like entering a parallel universe.

The west half has a few more truckloads of exposed concrete, covered all over with a checkerboard of indented balconies, each fronted by big glass panes with galvanized steel supports. It really does look as advertised. Only more so. Those balconies, with wood paneling all around and a simple circular light above, overlook the Bridge and Tunnel Speedway (or the B & T parking lot, as the case may be) down below on Kenmare Street. The Nolitan website (which still declares plans to "open our doors in early 2010") toots its horn as a "55-room luxury boutique hotel" and shows off some lobby renderings (included above), but it doesn't yet offer a way to reserve a room. The hotel does, however, invite cyber visitors to "Linger. Enjoy. Imagine. Ruminate. Make friends. Experience life like a Nolitan." All things the neighbors would prefer you do elsewhere.
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The Nolitan

30 Kenmare Street, New York, NY 10012

The Nolitan

30 Kenmare Street, New York, NY