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Gretsch Penthouse Has Williamsburg's Highest Hot Tub (We Think?)

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"Live like a celebrity" boasts this new-to-market rental listing for a 3BR/3.5BA penthouse in the Gretsch, the pioneering 60 Broadway condo conversion that made South Williamsburg safe for luxury lofts. It's not just brokerbabble! As reported by the Post in an all-time-classic story, the Gretsch actually does house a celebrity in a penthouse, actor Josh Hartnett. Is this the penthouse he was crashing inside? Maybe, though Curbed's official Gretsch insider reports a Hartnett sighting in the lobby just last week. Even without a boldface connection, this $9,000/month 2,465-square-foot penthouse has its pluses, like a huge landscaped private terrace with a jacuzzi. And if it turns out this was Hartnett's pad, er, buy some chlorine.

· Listing: 60 Broadway [Corcoran]

Gretsch Building

60 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY