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Astoria Resident Bashes His Building on New Blog

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Though we hate to keep picking on a small fry, people keep taking their gripes about Astoria's Pistilli Riverview East building right into our wheelhouse: the Internet. The famed botchjob has already spawned a Facebook page for residents to gripe about leaks and other construction issues. Now there's a brand new blog that threatens to expose the truth about Pistilli Riverview East. What's that truth so far? "Nothing screams fresh and clean like a laundry room covered in mold mildew and leaking rusty water. If you don't leave this room feeling disgusting, maybe your clothes will." Ouch! And then there's the whole yarn about the security denying entry to census workers under orders building management. But what about civic duty?! Updating our list of institutions that hate America, it's 1) Related, and 2) Pistilli Riverview East. Take it away, Bill O'Reilly.
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