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Landmarks Commission Rushes to the Aid of Historic Bowery Houses

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A tipster recently sounded the alarm regarding 206 Bowery, a 200-year-old Federal-style house that looks headed for a quickie demolition or some other unseemly fate. (BoweryBoogie also chimed in on the situation.) Well hold on to your hardhats, because we've just learned that the Landmarks Preservation Commission has calendared the building for a hearing, the first step on the way to landmark designation. The fairy godmothers also sprinkled preservation dust on 135 Bowery, another Federal-style house (and former gambling den!) that dates back to 1818. Now that the buildings are on the road to designation, the owners must go through LPC before any serious action can be taken, like all-out flattening. And how did you spend your Flag Day?
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