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15 Central Park West's Ugliest Apartment Gets a Do-Over

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It was the 15 Central Park West listing that challenged the building's rep as the city's classiest condo. Apartment #2D, at the rear of the shorter 'House' building (and therefore with no direct park views), was briefly online as a for-sale-by-owner listing with some amateurish photos that showed off some, uh, peculiar decor. Curbed commenters pounced. Now, the 2,179-square-foot 2BR/2.5BA is listed with a couple of pros at Elliman. The asking price is still $8.5 million (it last sold for $4.327 million), and the d??écor remains the same. What's changed, however, is the photography, which has been upgraded in hopes of making a better first impression. Did it work? Let's take a trip through 15 CPW past and present, shall we? Above is the new look of the master bedroom, in all its eggplant glory. And here's how it was presented just one month ago:

The old living room photo looked like something out of a Versace acid trip, and even had a mysterious specter lurking in the background:

The new living room shot looks...better. By the way, is that a TV on the floor?

The old bathroom was potentially lethal:

The new bathroom lets all the marble speak for itself:

The old kitchen had a dark bordello breakfast vibe:

The new kitchen is still seeing red, but with less clutter:

The courtyard view photos from the old and new listings are fairly similar, both showing 15 CPW's ornamental pool, but the new listing includes this glimpse of the terrace overlooking the Limestone Jesus's interior courtyard:

So, is the place now worth nearly twice its original sale price? At 15 Central Park West, does it matter? A janitor's closet could sell for $10 million.
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15 Central Park West

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