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Moby's Old Upper West Side Castle is a Royal Pain

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Moby, the Lower East Side's favorite vegan raver/tea mogul/real estate investor, had a whale of a time unloading his amazing but inconvenient pre-war penthouse in Central Park West's twin-towered El Dorado building. Listed for $7.5 million back in 2007, the four-floor, multi-terraced "castle in the sky" (with a turret all to itself!) on the 31st floor of the south tower can only be accessed by taking an elevator up to the 29th floor and walking up two flights of stairs. Plus, there's the spiral staircase within the apartment itself. Whew, what a workout!

Interest was somewhat soft, so Moby started shilling for the place hard, recording video walk-throughs and offering his friends a $75,000 referral fee if they found a buyer. Eventually the place sold for $6.7 million after a previous party was denied by the El Dorano's co-op board. Fast forward two years, and the penthouse's post-Moby owner, listed on the old deed as T.M. Dempsey, has grown tired of the place. Or maybe it's his calf muscles that are calling it quits.

A Curbed tipster notices that the formerly Mobylicious penthouse was quietly listed for sale in January for just $5.995 million. That asking price has since come down to $4.995 million (Moby paid $4.5 million for the penthouse in 2005), and the 2BR/2.5BA spread with incredible views is now in contract. According to the listing, the turret room is currently set up as a media room, but can be turned into another bedroom. And to prove that the stairs situation is not all that bad, broker Ann Lenane includes a video clip (is it just our screen, or is the video picture cut in half?) of her scaling El Dorado Mountain. Feel the burn!

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The El Dorado

300 Central Park West, New York, NY 10024