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$3 Million Superior Ink Apartment Sells for $0 Million

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Okay, so maybe Superior Ink apartment #6D isn't the nicest apartment in the building, but why did Related just give it away? We would have paid at least $20! Too bad buyers Susan De Franca and Dylan Irene Irushalmi got there first. They just closed on the 2BR, 2BA, 1,320-square-foot apartment (originally listed for $3.125 million) for zero dollars. (And people thought One Madison Park was the place for free condos!) The purchase seems a little less puzzling given that De Franca is a Related exec. Maybe she's had her eye on the apartment, which was listed as already in contract in October 2007, all along. (We put in a call to the sales office to ask about the deal.) Still, doesn't the sale just bring down the per square foot average for the whole team?
The floorplan for the freebie:

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Superior Ink

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