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Scarano, Brooklynites Find Common Enemy: Scarano Building

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How to unite barredchitect Robert Scarano and the Brooklynites who hate his buildings: turn some Scarano new construction into a luxury halfway house run by a paroled ex-con. It worked for 979 Willoughby Avenue, where Ashley Khan filled most of the units (which were once supposed to be condos asking up to $688K) with bunk beds for use as rehabilitative housing. The neighbors worried it would bring about the degentrification of Bushwick as we know it and, apparently, so was Scarano. The city inspected the building, and at first Khan told officials to leave 979 Willoughby alone...or he would let sex offenders move in. But then he gave up, he tells BushwickBK: "After they sent the Department of Buildings, and the wrath of [Robert] Scarano...I said ‘Fuck it’, I stopped everything."

Now the building owner is on to "Plan D" for the building: luxury rentals. Hey, never hurts to have a backup plan (or three), even if, in our experience, the luxury rentals usually come after the condos but before the halfway house.
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