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Last Gramercy Park Condo Conversion Lowers Prices

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Luxury condo conversion 36 Gramercy Park East hit the open market (after being on offer to current residents) a scant week ago, but judging by the building's StreetEasy page, the PriceChopper has already stopped by. That was quick! The Chopper's housewarming gift: discounts of up to 25 percent on the nine listed units. They now range in price from $489,000 to $5.75 million. We're guessing developer Maurice Mann (whose condo conversion batting average could really use a little help here) needs cash quickly. Gramercy Park mayor Arlene Harrison, who initially welcomed the building because it would eliminate the last of the area's renters, probably isn't thrilled that the bar to Gramercy Park entry is now lower. On the other hand, if it gets low enough, perhaps she could buy the whole building and offer the units to a chosen few.
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The Residences at 36 Gramercy Park East

36 Gramercy Park East, New York, NY