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Does Anyone Think This Penthouse Can Sell for $42 Million?

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Yesterday the prim and proper crew at Sotheby's decided that the city needed a new most-expensive co-op listing, and went live with a $42 million triplex atop the Candela-designed 990 Fifth Avenue, at 80th Street. The instant reaction was marked by confusion, and, we assume, the spontaneous cracking of a thousand monocles. Wrote one Curbed reader, "What's the story on Sotheby's new listing? Who's selling? Why so public for such an exclusive? (I'm not complaing!!) Is the dumbwaiter the exclusive elevator?" Indeed, the listing is gloriously public (pictures above!), and The Real Deal has already set out to answer some of those burning questions, primarily, What the hell?

The seller remains anonymous for now, and is "willing to wait" for someone to meet the whopping price tag. Broker Lois Nasser is a long-time friend of the owner, which leads us to believe she's taken up the cause as a favor, because we're not detecting much confidence in her quote to The Real Deal: "At this price, there aren't that many buyers." Heart-stopping price aside (the monthly maintenance tab is $19,901), the 7,500-square-foot triplex is pretty glorious, especially that 1,200-square-foot terrace. There are five bedrooms, five bathrooms, hand-carved moldings, incredible Central Park views, a private elevator (besides the dumbwaiter) and a master suite with its own kitchenette. That's right, even the emperors of the Gold Coast get the midnight munchies. Check out the floorplan porn:

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