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Park Slope House Tries for $2 Million Profit Eight Months Later

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A tipster writes about this back-to-market house at 65 Prospect Park West: "I love this place, I look at it whenever I'm walking by prospect park, and was psyched to see it on the market, but COME ON! 8 months ago it sold for $1.4mm and now Corcoran has it listed for $3.4!...Either there were some major renovations or crack has finally made it back to Park Slope!" We suspect it's the former, since the current listing bills the 4BR, 3BA, 2,412-square-foot house as move-in ready, while an earlier one was looking for "the right buyer to gut it and create a dream home." Is it now dreamy enough to justify a $2 million markup, especially given that it failed to sell when listed in the $2 millions several times? Without interior photos, it's hard to tell, but the listing does include a floorplan.

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