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One Beacon Court so Hot Right Now it Doesn't Even Need Brokers

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There's been a bit of a rush to get out of One Beacon Court lately, and the sellers are among the few who aren't having much trouble unloading what they're offering. Flavio Briatore found a buyer for his penthouse at $8 million more than he paid for it, then movie producer Joe Roth entered into contract to sell his penthouse, 55E, also probably at a profit. And now, lawyer Mark Jay Krum has sold his place, #47D (floorplan above), without even using a broker. He got $11.25 million for it, the Journal reports, a little more than 10 percent under his $12.95 million asking price. Which would lead us to conclude that FSBO's not the way to go at One Beacon Court...except that Krum paid only $5,956,762 for it in 2005. If it turns out Krum can also play baseball, look out Bobby! (And if not, there's probably a lucrative second career in advising sellers like this one.)
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