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Rent Guidelines Board Doing Its Thing; Domino Fans Speak Up; More!

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WEST VILLAGE?A courtesy bike from 20 Exchange Place made it all the way up to the West Village, proving that it is possible to successfully escape the Financial District. [CurbedWire Staff]

EAST VILLAGE?The Rent Guidelines Board is having one of its public throwdowns at Cooper Union tonight before voting to raise stabilized rents. Why does the annual circus have zero buzz this year? Because the RGB didn't vote to freeze rent hikes when the world nearly collapsed, so obviously the mysterious board never will. This fact of life hasn't stopped Manahattan Borough President Scott Stringer from rallying outside Cooper Union with housing advocates this evening. Stringer quotage: "The lives of many New York City residents literally hang in the balance." This won't end well. [CurbedWire Inbox]

WILLIAMSBURG?We've heard plenty lately from opponents of Williamsburg's Domino development plan, but where are the project's supporters? At North Brooklyn's subway stops, where a pro-Domino group (Churches United for Fair Housing) is handing out info sheets describing what makes the 2,200-unit proposal so great. Perhaps some lively exchanges will take place. [CurbedWire Inbox]

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