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Flatiron's Zac Posen Penthouse Tips the Scales at $6.3 Million

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After all sorts of buildup and hype and icky things done to Barbie dolls, some listings at skinny little Flatiron District condo building 16 West 21st Street have finally found their way online. The building's slim fit makes sense?fashion designer Zac Posen designed the interiors, including the look of that much-talked-about model unit. That duplex is now priced at $4.105 million, which is pretty much what was predicted. Smaller units were expected to be listed in the mid $2's to mid $3's, but so far a pair of 1,368-square-foot 2BRs/2BAs are asking just over $1.8 million. Clearance rack! The penthouse, on the other hand, was eyeing $6 million, but in fact the 3,695-square-foot triplex with private rooftop action desires $6.315 million, or roughly 630 Birkin bags. Here's the floorplan:

16 West 21st Street

16 West 21st Street, New York, NY