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Please Welcome the Latest Residential Amenity: The Catio!

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Move over, dog runs! The Times informs us the new pet-centric amenity du jour is actually a private cat run, known as a catio. They're most popular?and at their wackiest design-wise?in the suburbs, but, thankfully for us, couples in Greenwich Village and Park Slope have them, too. The Village catio is no more than a fully fenced-in area of the homeowners' balcony (right). But in Park Slope, a cat owner who describes herself as "kind of handy with copper piping and a blowtorch," built a seven-foot railing around her entire 10-by-20-foot deck for her seven cats. (Should be a fun resale! Maybe this guy'd be interested?) The Times article offers some DIY catio construction advice, but there's an opening here for a feline-minded luxury developer, no?
· Cat's Balcony Scene, on Enclosed Spaces Called 'Catios' [NYT]