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Some New Buildings Coming Back From the Dead

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The credit crunch left the city littered with uncompleted projects, frozen during construction and left for dead. But fear not, resurrections are all around us. Those sounds you hear in the night are savvy developers shuffling their money: They're back! Or so we think. Examples!

1) 471 Washington Street at Canal, a nine-story, eight-unit condo designed by Ben Hansen Architect, has sat quiet, its rebar rusting, for the better part of the last year. Recently a deed popped up in city records showing the property has changed hands, with prior owner Peter Moore of 471 Washington Street Partners selling the site for nearly $19 million to Zach Vella of the Vella Group. DOB shows new permits in order for both a change of ownership and completion of the foundation. When the metallic facade and roof top terraces are done (if the old design sicks) this will be the latest addition to the northern wedge of Tribeca, sitting barely one block west of the Zinc and only a block up from the big black Truffles patch.

2) 240 West Broadway is another Peter Moore Tribeca property now owned by the Vella Group after they bought the site this spring for nearly $9 million. It sits at the quiet corner of N. Moore Street (maybe that's why Petey was interested) and is back in action following a long stretch of inertia. This is to be a nine-story, six-unit building. The original plan came from FLAnK, but DOB records now show that John Gordon Architect is on board. No doubt the new suburbanites enjoying all their outdoor space across the street will appreciate the summertime construction on the block.

3) 500 West 23rd Street at the southwest corner of Tenth Avenue changed hands last winter and now, after many months in a deep sleep, crews are pumping away, pouring concrete to finish the foundation. A new permit for underground plumbing has just been issued, and this one should be rising above the street soon. Butt up against the High Line and across from some metallic deliciousness from Neil Denari, the design here is of a different sort altogether. It's from Gerner Kronick + Valcarcel Architects, and new owner Sam Zell of Equity Residential is pushing ahead for a 13-story box-atop-a-box with 111 apartments tucked away inside. When Section 2 of the High Line opens about this time next year, it will be the perfect place to watch this one get finished up.
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471 Washington Street

471 Washington Street, New York, NY

471 Washington Street, New York, NY 10013