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Rushmore Buyer Gets Biggest Discount Yet With 30 Percent Off

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Amid the whole mess of refunds, typos, lawsuits, and judicial smackdowns at the Rushmore, Extell's twins at 80 Riverside Boulevard, we haven't been paying much attention to the building's actual sales. They are happening! A Streeteasy poster notes one recent Rushmore closing with a whopper of a discount: close to 30 percent off. The unit, #19F, was listed for $2.08 million and closed at $1,471,371. Certainly not the largest markdown we've ever seen, but the highest so far recorded among buyers at the Rushmore, where chops have been more in the 10 to 20 percent range. With Extell owing 41 of its former buyers $16 million in refunds, the developer probably can't turn away too many interested buyers, even with lowball offers. The fact that one of the buyers appears to have been a sales agent for the project probably doesn't hurt, either. Unless anyone wants to argue that the 30 percent off closing price was a typo?
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The Rushmore Condominium

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