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West Village Penthouse Buyer Gets His Copper at a Markdown

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Superior Ink may lead the condo boom on this block in cash, but its neighbor at 385 West 12th Street leads it in flash. The boutique building from architects/developers FLAnk now has its copper skin in place, and the facade would look pretty bunker-like if not for some big windows thrown in for the folks shelling out the bucks for large apartments and access to the rooftop pool. Recently the building made noise on the sales front, as a number of units went to contract, including a $12.5 million penthouse (marked down from $13.5 million). Now eight units have closed, including that penthouse. Let's check the scorecard!

The 4BR/4BA duplex, with 3,844 square feet and four outdoor spaces (check out the floorplan on this old StreetEasy page) ended up selling to an Andrew Youmans for $9.44 million, a sharp 25% drop from the last asking price, but a nice chunk of change nonetheless. Here's how the other sales have gone down, via StreetEasy:

385 West 12th Street

385 West 12th Street, New York, NY